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What is is a platform meant for Recruiters for rating Job Seekers with a focus on expediting the hiring process identifying Passive Job seekers.
What kind of information will I find on has Job seekers information about Interview Status such as No Show, Offer Decline etc. as well as rating given according to the information as to identify who are actively exploring new opportunities.
How I will be benefitted from gives you statistics of Interview details of job seeker and can assess their seriousness and Genuineness in terms of No Show Counts, Genuineness, and Rating etc. provided by recruiters.
How help recruiter community?
This platform impels job seekers to commit on Interview schedules as well as Job offers more significantly.
Can multiple user is possible with one Login?
Yes. Multiple users can use a Login at a time.
What are the different subscription packages available for
Please go to for Quote
Is there any demo version of for trial purpose before I make a purchase decision?
Yes. Maximum trial Period will be 7 days.
What is the difference between a super-user and a sub-user?
A super-user has the admin rights on the entire account created for a company. He / She can create / delete / manage sub-users, edit account settings, monitor account usage, assign various permissions to sub-users, subscribe to new services, and renew existing subscriptions.
Can I buy more than one logins?
Yes, for this please contact us or Click below for contact details:
Why do I keep getting logged out of my account?
If you have been logged out of your account, it is probably because: You have not used the application since 1 hour after you logged in and your login session has expired.