Terms and Conditions

Lendesk Software Private Limited shall in no way be held liable for any information received by the subscriber and it shall be the sole responsibility of the subscriber to check, authenticate and verify the information/response received at its own cost and expense.

Any actions taken by an employer/recruiter on the basis of the background check report or otherwise, is the employer's/recruiter's responsibility alone and Lendesk Software Private Limited will not be liable in any manner for the consequences of such action taken by the user

Lendesk Software Private Limited reserves its right to suspend/terminate the services contracted for by the subscriber either prior to or during the contracted period without assigning any reason. In such an eventuality, any amount so paid for by the subscriber for this service, may be refunded by Lendesk Software Private Limited at a prorata basis to the subscriber at its discretion.

Lendesk Software Private Limited reserves its right to reject any insertion or information/data provided by the subscriber without assigning any reason either before posting or after posting details, but in such an eventuality, any amount so paid for, may be refunded to the subscriber on a pro-rata basis at the sole discretion of Lendesk Software Private Limited.

By posting/uploading Data on the website you confirm that you have obtained all licenses/permits as are necessary for recruitment and to indemnify Lendesk Software Private Limited against all claims, damages arising out of actions/claims that may be made in relation to the same.

All information intimated by the subscriber / recruiter and displayed by Lendesk Software Private Limited on caandidates.com becomes public knowledge and Lendesk Software Private Limited may at its sole discretionin any other media including the print media at noextra costs to the subscriber and Lendesk Software Private Limited shall not be held liable for usage/publicity of such information.

  • The subscriber/Recruiter shall be deemed to give an undertaking to Lendesk Software Private Limited that the Data’s sought to be Posted at caandidates.com are in existence, are genuine and that the subscriber / recruiter has the authority to Post those information.
  • Lendesk Software Private Limited will commence providing services only upon receipt of amount/charges upfront either from the subscriber or from a third party on behalf of the subscriber.
  • The information on Lendesk Software Private Limited is for use by its subscribers alone and does not authorize the subscriber to download and use the data for commercial purposes. In case anyone is found to be in violation of this then Lendesk Software Private Limited at its discretion may suspend its service/subscription and also may take such action as it may be advised
  • Lendesk Software Private Limited would not be held liable for loss of any data whether of technical nature or otherwise or all or any , information or particulars supplied by the customers due to the reasons beyond its control like corruption of data or delay or failure to perform as a result of any causes or conditions that are beyond Lendesk Software Private Limited's reasonable control including but not limited to strike, riots, civil unrest, Govt. policies, tampering of data by unauthorized persons like hackers, war and natural calamities.
  • Lendesk Software Private Limited agrees to provide the service to the subscriber only for the duration contracted for to the best of its ability
  • Any actions taken by an employer/recruiter on the basis of the background check report or otherwise, is the employer’s/recruiter's responsibility alone and Lendesk Software Private Limited will not be liable in any manner for the consequences of such action taken by the user
  • Lendesk Software Private Limited reserves its right to change the look, feel, design, prominence, depiction, classification of the classified section of Naukri.com at any time without assigning any reason and without giving any notice
  • The subscriber to this service shall be entitled to such number of listings during the period of subscription as may be agreed upon
  • The subscription is neither re-saleable nor transferable by the subscriber to any other person, corporate body, firm or individual
  • The subscriber shall be assigned password (s) by Lendesk Software Private Limited to enable the subscriber to post on the, but the sole responsibility of the safe custody of the password shall be that of the subscriber and Info Edge shall not be responsible for data loss/theft of data or corruption of data or the wrong usage/misuse of the password and any damage or leak of information and its consequential usage by a third party. Lendesk Software Private Limited undertakes to take all reasonable precautions at its end to ensure that there is no leakage/misuse of the password granted to the subscriber
  • Only insertions with contact information registered Lendesk Software Private Limited will be displayed on the site
  • The User of these services does not claim any copyright or other Intellectual Property Right over the data uploaded by him/her on the website.
  • The Courts at Karnataka alone shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction in case of any dispute.
  • All disputes arising out of the transactions between a user and Lendesk Software Private Limited will be resolved in accordance with the laws of India as applicable.

Links to Other Sites

The caandidates.com Sites contain links to third party Web sites. These links are provided solely as a convenience to you and not as an endorsement by caandidates.com of the contents on such third-party Web sites. caandidates.com is not responsible for the content of linked third-party sites and does not make any representations regarding the content or accuracy of materials on such third party Web sites. If you decide to access linked third-party Web sites, you do so at your own risk.

Term and Termination

These Terms of Use will remain in full force and effect while you are a User of caandidates.com at any level. The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to pursue all of its legal remedies, including but not limited to deletion of your User Content from caandidates.com and immediate termination of your registration with or ability to access caandidates.com and/or any other services provided to You by the Company, upon any breach by You of these Terms of Use or if the Company is unable to verify or authenticate any information You submit to caandidates.com.

These “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Commitment” of caandidates.com site constitute a binding agreement between You and caandidates.com and is accepted by You upon your use of the caandidates.com Site.


This Site reserves the right to charge subscription and / or membership fees in respect of any part, aspect of this Site upon reasonable prior notice. Lendesk Software Private Limited reserves its right to terminate your account without any prior notice for any violation of the Terms of Use. All content posted by you becomes the property of Lendesk Software Private Limited and you agree to grant/assign the royalty free, perpetual right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and display such content (in whole or part) worldwide and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability

All the contents of this Site are only for general information or use. They do not constitute advice and should not be relied upon in making (or refraining from making) any decision. Any specific advice or replies to queries in any part of theSite is/are the personal opinion of such experts/consultants/persons and are not subscribed to by this Site. The information from or through this site is provided on "AS IS" basis, and all warranties, expressed or implied of any kind, regarding any matter pertaining to any goods, service or channel, including without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement are disclaimed and excluded. Certain links on the Site lead to resources located on servers maintained by third parties over whom Lendesk Software Private Limited has no control or connection, business or otherwise as these sites are external to Lendesk Software Private Limited you agree and understand that by visiting such sites you are beyond the caandidates.com website. Lendesk Software Private Limited therefore neither endorses nor offers any judgement or warranty and accepts no responsibility or liability for the authenticity/availability of any of the goods/services/or for any damage, loss or harm, direct or consequential or any violation of local or international laws that may be incurred by your visit and/or transaction/s on these sites.

Advertising Material

Part of the Site contains advertising/other material submitted to Lendesk Software Private Limited by third parties. Responsibility for ensuring that material submitted for inclusion on the Site complies with applicable International and National law is exclusively on the advertisers and Lendesk Software Private Limited will not be responsible for any claim, error, omission or inaccuracy in advertising material. Lendesk Software Private Limited reserves the right to omit, suspend or change the position of any advertising material submitted for insertion. Acceptance of advertisements on the Site will be subject to Lendesk Software Private Limited terms and conditions which are available on request.

Force Majeure

Lendesk Software Private Limited shall have no liability to you for any interruption or delay in access to the Site irrespective of the cause.

Indian Law

The Agreement shall be governed by the Laws of India. The Courts of law at Bengaluru shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising under this agreement.

Additional Terms of Use

Certain areas of caandidates.com are subject to additional terms of use. By using such areas, or any part thereof, you agree to be bound by the additional terms of use applicable to such areas.


No Resale or Unauthorized Commercial Use

You agree not to resell or assign your rights or obligations under these Terms. You also agree not to make any unauthorized commercial use of any caandidates.com Site.


The use and access to jobseeker data is subject to this policy. The services provided to you are aimed at providing recruitment solutions and should be restricted to contacting suitable candidates for genuine jobs in existence.

Mailing practices such as transmitting marketing and promotional mailers/ Offensive messages/ messages with misleading subject lines in order to intentionally obfuscate the original message, are strictly prohibited.

We reserve the right to terminate services, without prior notice, to the originator of Spam. No refund shall be admissible under such circumstances. Following is an illustrative (not exhaustive) list of the kinds of messages which can be classified as spam: Unsolicited Bulk Messages/Unsolicited Commercial Communications.

  • Voice Calls/SMS to telephone numbers registered on the National Consumer Preference Register.
  • Non Job related mails.
  • Messages with misleading subject lines.
  • Blank Messages.
  • Extra ordinary High Number of mails.
  • Mails soliciting payments.
  • Misleading/Fraudulent mails.
  • Users agree to indemnify and hold harmless Lendesk Software Private Limited from any damages or claims arising out of usage for transmitting spam
  • Users are advised to change their passwords frequently in order to reduce the possibility of misuse of their accounts.
  • To seek more information and to report Spam. Please mail us at:support@caandidates.com

  • Note: The terms in this agreement may be changed by Lendesk Software Private Limited at any time. Lendesk Software Private Limited is free to offer its services to any client/prospective client without restriction.